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    Saturn Games Studio             

    Based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

    Genre: Action, Platformer

    Players: 1-2

          Release Date: 

          July 2013 Episode I Limited (PC)

          Late 2018 (Windows 10)

          Late 2018 (Xbox One)

          TBD (Nintendo Switch)



    Windows 10

    Xbox One

    Nintendo Switch

    Price: USD $11.99 (PC)

               USD $11.99 (Win10)

               USD $11.99 (Xbox One)

               USD $11.99 (Nintendo Switch)




    [email protected]


Rossman is a 2D side-scrolling platformer inspired by Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and other classic video games of the late 80's to the early 90's. The main character, Everett Ross (now going by the moniker Rossman) must save his girlfriend Ericka Debouis from his father's enemy Prof. Ace and stop him from succeeding with his plot to complete the takeover of the Newlin Kingdom. Along the way, Rossman reunites with his younger brother now going by the nickname "Rossboy". With Rossman, you can jump and blaze through levels using the "Blitz Force" and you can also wall dash with it to get to higher ground and over obstacles! As Rossboy, you can glide in the air with his hoverboard after jumping or you can charge up with negative energy and perform a super jump to reach impossible ledges.

Rossman and Rossboy can get super power-ups in the form of Power Orbs in the Newlin Kingdom ranging from powerful bounce balls to extra wall dash energy! The game's story is split into two episodic chapters, each with 32 main levels of action platforming. You are in full control of Rossman's and Rossboy's abilities!



  • Unique levels with Special gimmicks
  • Over six unique Power-ups with specific attacks and secondary benefits
  • A Challenge Mode that test your skills and knowledge of the levels
  • A 2-Player Co-Op mode for you and a friend to team up and save the day
  • A 2-Player Split-Screen Competition mode to battle against your friends for glory
  • Unlockable features including concept art, a secret world, a secret character, & extra Vs Mode levels
  • Characters with unique abilities



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Character Art- Byron Corry, Jason Wingfield

Level Layout art- Byron Corry

Music- Byron Corry, Michael Davis, Bob S., Nurykabe

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Rossman Episode I