The Hero


The main hero of the game. After finding out that Ericka was the Princess of the Newlin Kingdom, Rossman hurried to her aid but it wasn't long until Prof. Ace snatches her from Rossman's grasp! Going into the Newlin Kingdom itself via Portal, Prof. Ace was long gone. Rossman follows through to try and save Ericka, unaware of the new dangers around him.


                                      The Sidekick


Rossman's younger brother! In the real world, Jamal (Rossboy) returned home to his father "Hazel" after staying with his aunt and her husband in New York City after the incident with Prof. Ace, Hazel, and Rossboy's mother a few years prior. However he was disappointed when he found out that his two older brothers were nowhere to be found. After snooping around Everett's (Rossman) room, Jamal discovered his documents, drawings, pictures, and clothing attire. Inspired by his brother, he made an outfit similar to Everett's and decides to go search for him. During his search, he discovered a portal that led to the Newlin Kingdom. He took a risk and jumped in thinking maybe Everett is there.




                              The Damsel in Distress

Princess Ericka

The damsel in distress, Princess Ericka frequently visited the high school Rossman attended in the real world prior to the events of the game. However, her well hidden secret got out when Prof. Ace confronted her. After getting kidnapped, the Newlin Kingdom is now in peril and it's up to Rossman to save not only her, but her kingdom as well.


                                          The Villain

Professor Ace

The evil mastermind behind Princess Ericka's kidnapping. Before the incident Prof. Ace had feuded with Rossman's father for losing his top position at a scientific facility in the real world. After discovering a portal that led to an unknown world, Prof. Ace set his sights on ruling it. After finding out the link between that world and Ericka, Prof. Ace took action against Rossman. His main objective is to finish the Black Spade and complete his takeover of the Newlin Kingdom.


                                       The Lackey


One of the top ranked "Bombers" of the Newlin Kingdom. Prof. Ace quickly got his attention and made him head honcho of the minions in the Newlin Kingdom. Bombalik's talent revolves around his "Bomby" dropping abilities. However, he quickly learns from his mistakes and will come up with new strategies to make Rossman's journey even more difficult!






Rossman Episode I