Rossman, a teenager with the ability to tap into an energy force known as the "Blitz Force" must save his girlfriend Ericka Debouis from his family's enemy Prof. Ace. During her kidnapping it is also revealed that she is the Princess of a Kingdom in an alternate world called Newlin. Now Rossman must travel through the lands of the Newlin Kingdom to save her and stop Prof. Ace from succeeding with his plot to complete the takeover of the kingdom. Along the way Rossman reunites with his younger brother now going by the nickname "Rossboy".

                                          (Recent look of the game pictured above.)       


As Rossman, you can dash up walls to reach secret areas and higher ground.

As Rossboy, you can glide in the air with his hoverboard after jumping or you can charge up with negative energy and perform a super jump to reach impossible ledges.


(Current look of the developing game pictured above)


The game's story is split into two episodic chapters, each with 32 main levels of action platforming. Here's what to expect in the full game:


  • A 2-Player Co-Op mode for you and a friend to team up and save the day
  • A 2-Player Split-Screen Competition mode to battle against your friends for glory
  • Unique levels with Special gimmicks
  • A Challenge Mode that test your skills and knowledge of the levels.
  • Over six unique Power-ups with specific attacks and secondary benefits
  • Unlockable features including concept art, a secret world, a secret character, & extra Vs Mode levels
  • Characters with unique abilities as mentioned above




Rossman Episode I